Details related to Freshness in Manufacturing our Products.
When you buy from most all mgs, they have ingredients sitting on the shelf waiting to go into capsules for 6 months or more. The expiration date they put on it is from the day that it goes into a capsule, not the day they received it into stock in their warehouse.  This makes the difference between a one-year shelf life and a 4-year shelf life or more. 
I don't work that way.  I order ingredients directly from the growers, just for the existing order and put the actual mfg. date on it.  We offer fresh Ingredients not sitting on the shelf of a manufacturers plant.  You can get them nearly 40% off if you let them use up their existing stock.  Therefore, our products are packaged and the freshness is sealed in.   Moreover, we have about 4 years from our manufacture date before start to degrade.
Moreover, Clorox or any chemical product are not used in the mfg. plant, that I use, for cleaning, drilling, building materials as the vapor’s waft over into the ingredients and products.
The other things that I don't do that most ALL manufacturers do is important for efficacy.
When an ingredient comes into the mfg. and it fails the microbe test, which means it has bugs, parasites, bacteria, virus, mold, etc. They don't want to send it back unless they have to.  So, when this happened to me I was floored.  They offered me a discount, like they do all of their customers, to keep the ingredient and they would throw rubbing alcohol on it to kill the microbes.  I fired them on the spot for even offering me this option, which is a health hazard. They ate the job and I lost all trust in them.
Our products are bio-available, Non-GMO and our manufacture date has a 4-year shelf life if unopened, due to the above care that is taken.